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PC Username: Elite Overlord LeSabre™
Pair: Haruka of Hoenn

Bishie Claims

Blue/FRLG Girl (Pokemon)
Honoka "Cure White" Yukishiro (Futari wa Pretty Cure)
Nanaka Yatsushiro (Myself; Yourself)
Kanade "Cure Rhythm" Minamino (Suite Precure)
Mizuka Nagamori (ONE: Kagayaku Kisetsu e)
Setsuna "Eas, Cure Passion" Higashi (Fresh! Pretty Cure)
Akari Kamigishi (ToHeart)
Kotone Himekawa (ToHeart)

PC Family

Pair: Haruka of Hoenn
Sister #1: Sweet Smoochum
Brother #1: Elite Four Lucian
Granddaughter: Ambellina
Partner in Crime: Bay Alexison

Other Claims (Old)


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